Blue Tack Consulting delivers specialized services to Medicaid vendors, primarily in the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) space. We distinguish ourselves as MMIS and Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) experts and have a solid bench of talent from which to source projects.

Strategic Consulting

2016 went down in Medicaid history as a tech breakthrough year. The new MMIS 90/10 Funding and Medicaid Managed Care Rules, Medicaid Enterprise Certification Lifecycle and the need to capitalize on forward momentum created disruption and tremendous opportunity. Fast forward to 2018 and we are seeing vendors responding to these opportunities. Competition has increased, established companies are striving to win business and new entrants are trying to get their name on the map. What has not changed is the need to turn existing solutions into certifiable solutions.  With the right plan, the opportunities are virtually limitless.

Medicaid solution providers, companies that deliver, or want to deliver, technology and business services to State Medicaid Agencies, have a lot of work to do to innovate, renovate and launch new products.

This is where Blue Tack comes in. We fill the expertise and bandwidth gap that exists between where you are today and where you need to be.

Our strategic consulting offerings help Medicaid solution providers go from where they are today to where they want to be in the future. The range of services includes vision session planning and facilitation, market positioning, competitive analysis, market research, pre-certification of modules, solution assessment and solution transformation.

Benefits of Utilizing Blue Tack for Your Strategic Consulting Needs


All of Blue Tack’s consultants have the most current knowledge and field- tested experience to deliver meaningful results right from the start.


We work exclusively with the vendor market and we understand the state and federal drivers and position them against corporate and market realities.


Blue Tack is a very niche consulting firm. We want to be the best, not the biggest. Your first and last call when you need business value.


We offer responsive service, meaningful results and useful deliverables giving you the outcomes you need to plan the journey from vision to reality.

What Separates Blue Tack from the Competition

Blue Tack harnesses three areas of expertise that are often overlooked in the consulting business – cross industry application, the art of the long view and build once, use often.

We are a company of Medicaid technology and business services experts. True. But our minds don’t stop there. We research other industry sectors to see what worked and what didn’t and bring those lessons to our customers. Some of the most obvious answers come from companies that have tried to do something similar and succeeded or failed. Cross industry application provides best practices and lessons learned and provides a solid foundation for planning, investment and review and approval.

Strategic consulting gets a deserved bad rap because many consultancies treat engagements like one-off collegiate exercises. You won’t find that at Blue Tack. If something works in one engagement, we look to leverage it for another. For example, we developed the MITA Lite Vendor Solution Assessment offering after helping a customer assess its solution against the MITA framework. We now offer this as a core service and have expanded it to include the compliance with MECT checklists.

Blue Tack’s consultants have long histories in the Medicaid, technology services and business process outsourcing markets. We know the heritage of today’s issues, understand what needs to change and can positon the future with a wide and long lens. Early in the campaign, we can spot potential problems over a long horizon and develop plans to diminish the risk and often, even capitalize on the issue.

Proposal Support

The game has changed. Medicaid solution providers have a lot on their plates, whether they have years in this marketplace or are new entrants. Competition is increasing and while Medicaid vendors are innovating and renovating their solutions, they are seeing RFPs with MITA and MECT requirements seeking modular solutions. Solutions that meet CMS Conditions and Standards (C&S) for enhanced FFP. Responding to these procurements can be challenging. Using past procurement strategies and proposals is not enough.

Blue Tack’s proposal resources are expert in Medicaid, MMIS Implementations and Operations, all MMIS modules, MECL/MECT, MITA, Conditions and Standards for enhanced FFP, System Development Life Cycle Methodologies and CMS Certification.

Benefits of Utilizing Blue Tack for Your Proposal Support Needs


We offer full service proposal support and fill gaps small and large. Whether you need proposal management, a team of writers or other specialized resources, Blue Tack can supplement your team.


Our resources have worked on everything from Legacy MMIS proposals to proposals that require a modular solution that meet FFP requirements. They understand the evolution of the market, are up to date with MITA, MECL and certification and impart this knowledge on the teams they support.


We specialize in “Differentiated Compliance”, that is, writing proposal content that is 100% compliant with RFP requirements and differentiated from the competition.


Contracting with Blue Tack could not be easier, we have the best resources available and can deliver talent to fill any need on your proposal team, quickly and effectively.

What Separates Blue Tack from the Competition

We provide as little or as much support as you need. We support our clients with development of proposal libraries and baseline RFPs and stay with your team right through to Oral Presentations and everything in between.

From top notch proposal managers to copy editors, we have a complete bench of talent to supplement a vendor’s team. Our menu of resources includes volume leads, MITA and Certification SMEs, technical writers, project coordinators, compliance specialists, integration plan specialists, white glove editors, capture strategists and orals coaches.

Blue Tack resources know MMIS operations, they’ve spent decades in the trenches and understand the evolution of Medicaid. Understanding legacy MMIS, FFP funding, MITA and certification  is our springboard to supporting your proposal efforts. Where you’ve been, where you’re going and knowing how to tell the story, that’s our specialty.

Staff Augmentation

What’s one of the worst things that can happen when you have to fill a position? Someone dumps resumes on you that have been submitted to everyone under the sun with a remotely similar need. You will never get that response from Blue Tack.

Blue Tack matches your need to the person and showcases the relevant experience in a format that is easy to follow. You may only get one resume for a specific need but chances are, the candidate is the one you’ve been looking for. Our people have deep and broad experience in all things Medicaid, including all MMIS modules, IV&V, PMO, implementations and operations.

Benefits of Utilizing Blue Tack for Your Staff Augmentation Needs


At Blue Tack, we strive for a win-win scenario – our customers get people who are ideally suited to the positions and our consultants get assignments that are ideally suited to their needs. Blue Tack is a people-centric business and we recognize that in every placement.


We are a company of experienced, qualified and trusted “known entities.” Blue Tack’s leadership knows and has worked with our consultants or they have been referred by one of our trusted sources. You will never find us throwing a resume over the fence.


We don’t operate in a one size fits all world and our contract practices reflect this. Being a small, nimble company, we act and react quickly to get the people our customers need when they need them.


Our people are located all across the country and many in state capital cities. We know how draining it is to be on the road week after week, so we look for opportunities to place people in their own back yards. Chances are, if you have a local need, we have a person for you.

What Separates Blue Tack from the Competition

When it comes to staffing, we are choosy. We seek to understand your need and match it to the perfect person for the job. We present one or two candidates who succinctly match the requirements. Customers can easily hone in on people who meet their needs. What’s more, Blue Tack consultants steer other consultants to the company.

We are not looking to compete with national powerhouse staffing companies. Conversely, we strive to be the first and last call our customers make when they have a need for very specialized talent, including talent for bid opportunities. We pride ourselves on being able to supply top talent for our partners’ bid opportunities, where talent is the number one differentiator.

Blue Tack’s management doesn’t exit stage-left when a placement is made. We maintain communications with the consultants and if issues arise, work quickly and smartly to affect a resolution agreeable to all. We have a parallel track with our customers to ensure that the engagement stays on track and our consultants deliver business value.

We Offer Solutions that Close the Gaps in Your Business

You are not an expert at everything and you should not have to be. Blue Tack’s services include solutions that will help you target problem areas and give you the tools you need to fix those issues. Whether it is assessing where you are versus where you need to be, helping you gain new business or procuring the proper talent, we have an actionable plan for you.

MITA/MECT Vendor Solution Assessments

Blue Tack developed two approaches for assessing a vendor’s solution for alignment with the MITA framework and MECT requirements. We base our approach on YOUR objectives.

Our MITA Lite™ methodology is a fit for a vendor that wants to determine their solution’s level of maturity in relation to CMS’ framework for assessing a state’s maturity level. The MMIS vendor’s solution is assessed against the MITA framework and parallels a state self-assessment. Consistent with CMS’ goal to pre-certify MMIS modules, the output proves that a vendor’s solution is aligned with MITA and the CMS Conditions and Standards (C&S).

Our MITA/MECT Assessment determines how a vendor’s solution aligns with MITA and MECT requirements and the CMS Conditions and Standards (C&S) for certifying State Medicaid Agency (SMA) technology investments for enhanced FFP. The method parallels a CMS certification and illuminates gaps in business processes, information processing, technical infrastructure and standards that CMS verifies as a condition of certification.

Relevant to all MMIS modules, each approach may be used to inform the vendor’s solution roadmap and R&D investment planning and used in marketing and proposal efforts.

Proposal Management

Blue Tack manages proposal development activities throughout the entire procurement life cycle. From business development and capture planning to writing and post-submission activities, such as orals coaching and training. We lead and manage teams working with writers, business and technical subject matter experts, publications teams, vendors, and stakeholders to coordinate proposal efforts. Blue Tack proposal managers have a history of managing complex MMIS and other government proposals.

Teaming Partners

As a consultancy that serves the Medicaid vendor community, we understand the need to propose the best talent in order to win new business. Blue Tack’s people are some of the best in the industry and we are happy to consider teaming for IV&V, PMO, Systems Integration and other MMIS-related opportunities. Our consultants are located throughout the country so there’s a good chance that we will have people that are local to your opportunity.